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tv   [untitled]    March 20, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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fire power the world's nuclear arsenal today. this is our headlines now the red cross calls for allowance to evacuate the wounded in syria and bring in medicine with moscow adding its voice for a daily ceasefire. human rights groups find the u.s. kept sending afghan detainees to prisons where evidence of torture has been discovered despite a ban of such transfers last july claims all new abuse you so. construction
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workers demanded just as they find out the police to help them on the legal of blacklist when they were campaigning. with violence in syria raging on we sat down with dr bashar thought a country's ambassador to the u.n. in order to ask whether a solution is any nearer and the ongoing crisis this is art. joining our team for an exclusive sit down interview is syrian ambassador to the united nations dr bashar fahri ambassador thank you very much for speaking with our kids today thank you for having me with your to the center of the united nations estimates that more than eight thousand people have been killed since the anti-government uprising speak again in syria a year ago my question for you how long can the violence and bloodshed continue or whether it is one victim or it's thousands this is too much for the c.m.
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people and for the syrian government there has been a huge exaggeration of the figures of the victims the government is not responsible for this election because as you know. because you know an international women's rights would be taken into consideration while assisting do you assess an aggressor going on in syria armed groups in syria maybe even resist an army unless they have the kind of football the reason that they use against the government and forces we have been saying for months we are dealing with a lot of groups by the beginning during the first eight months everybody was denying these facts. by saying that the syrian government is not telling the truth and that there are no armed groups and underground and that everything the government sitting government saying is about lies then out of a sudden after the eight months and when the u.n.
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official started talking about the scores of victims they acknowledged that in syria the government is dealing with armed groups i'm not saying that all the opposition. in syria these are the opposition in syria is about wings we are dealing with peaceful demonstrators on one hand but we are leaning also with armed groups on the other hand otherwise how would you explain that so far the syrian government has lost two thousand five hundred officers security officers army officers army soldiers and people beyond i mean stuff going on you are the unfortunate of the lot this dimension should be taken into consideration why. assessing what's going to go in syria you've said that there is as long as some mercenaries that are part of the opposition. is a possible that there's regular civilians that are fighting for and just
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a bit of justice or are in the streets fighting for justice those who fight for justice purity justice should engage in the government's court for the national an inclusive and the government is really serious and committed to making the includes the syrian led political process a successful work why is the syrian government fell so far in bringing the opposition in for talks because the opposition is not independent and it's making decisions and the opposition i mean here i'm talking about the extent of the opposition this wing or the opposition as well as the armed groups of the decision makers outside of syria the fulfill instructions coming from saudi arabia from turkey from france from from washington you are talking here about an ip war of armed groups. which which are not independent. in
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policymaking they cannot the decision without getting the green light from washington or. or saudi arabia or turkey you just named countries and cities why would those countries and cities be interested in creating chaos in syria some of them would like to settle all the accounts with us such as the americans for those of us the british because syria was against the invasion of iraq and they didn't forget it and they want to separate their accounts with us. well you look back might be a surprise for you but this is how it is washington this long gone would like to create a deviation from the palestinian question we have the israelis our corner of right now as you know on the issue of. the by the seniors to get the full membership in the united nations i think that's why they were absolutely absolutely not only syria yemen egypt tunisia algeria all that you don't think any of this was about
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that the citizens of those countries just wanting to create better lives for them saudis are do things that i said i'm not judging or assessing the domestic situation in these countries i'm saying there are there are legitimate claims that should be listened to and taken into consideration even in syria the government should listen to the legitimate claims of the people otherwise there is no justification for any government kristie willing to use it works against the interests of its own people but the issue is that these capitals western capitals need to create a deviation they found what they were looking for in the collision of the situation in syria by by using this channel as a deviation. they they can serve the interests of peace that we can
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serve the interests of those who are against giving the full membership to the palestinian state and the united nations i'm saying this because the israelis and the americans are coordinate with this in. the international community so-called international community i don't believe for much of this war magic war but for the people what they say these international community has been supportive of the palestinian request to get the full membership yes the majority of your states of the united nations all of whom the palestinians have got so far one hundred thirty five states supporting their request to get the full membership there is no way they could progress one inch would decide to go up but when they gather one hundred thirty seven votes against syria in the general assembly then there there should be a declaration of war against syria because syria is not fulfilling that is it mission will be serious and it's about the people it's about double standards they are not serious about making any assistance to the syrian people they are harming
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the syrian national political aims by using these claims against the will of the syrian people how to syria expect russia and china to remain as adamant as as they have remain in preventing any kind of military intervention from becoming a solution in syria and we know that russia and china has veto two resolutions plus the security council but i was to come by the us we have many friends in the security council and the forefront of course russia and china they were the only two that cast not at the arm of the or the last presentation or it's the case that leaders because there are one or the other talk out of the p five let me rephrase that they were two out of the only two out of fifteen that did not support that resolution and the second then this all the second the most recent what i remember in the first of the opposition. for abstained. and for a few week for i'm not talking about i don't want to divide the hours but the most
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recent one russia and china be understand what's going on in the war they are by wars and they know that. if they let go once again. on syria the that would be the end of the international and the end of the charter of the united nations there are rules to be observed southern feel of number states this is not me i am saying that this is the provisions of the topic you have to respect the sovereignty you have to respect the territorial integrity you don't have to interfere in domestic affairs of member states you have to help yes you have to assist yes but don't take advantage of the suffering of the peoples in order to interfere in their domestic affairs for your own purposes you as a france and britain have never been keen interest in serving the interests of neither the syrian people nor the russian people nor the chinese people these
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powers insisted for six decades on ignoring this theory that israeli occupation of the golan if they were really serious about helping the syrian people they would have exerted pressure on these ladies to withdraw from the syrian border to withdraw from the remaining people in in south lebanon occupied by using that tool to give to the palestinians their you know you know variety of some of the communication and having their own state in their own country so these elements are . a lot of global issues and should be understood as these when i ask you about the more than eight thousand people have been killed in syria you said that it's not the fault of the syrian government russia has said that the responsibility falls on both sides both sides are responsible for the violence and bloodshed that the government in syria and the opposition group but at this point it's not about point blaming one side or the other it's about you know getting humanitarian assistance
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in there creating some kind of dialogue having said that why do you believe the world should trust that the syrian army is using force adequately i didn't say that the government is not responsible for i said that the government cannot as your the responsibility or for these killings in syria because of course in any military confrontation get the army is is a is the governments are so in any military fighting there is on the one hand the government and on the other the armed groups these two sides are killing each other in a position of war. in them and some swore because what the government is saying is that. he's addressing the opposition by see you have claims let us discuss these claims at the table not by using weapons and by just the demolishing and destructing and attacking all you really find really pipelines gas lines not by
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killing live in military pilots not by assessing meeting governments often shows doctors academy it's not as if this is what the government say the government is not denying them the forty fourth of the country on the contrary we are totally open minded towards a new form of the country and i think only speaking this is what happened in the with the book from of the new constitution and the president from now on will have only two terms that will be put under them to elect the president from among the many candidates not only more popular politicized i mean not one candidate many candidates for the presidential this is what the opposition was calling for and this is what happened now it is there we have it why
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continue with this blood chip and why are you listening to instructions coming from god or from saudi arabia for tookie from france from was from a little simple give the assyrians mature syrians and discuss our own future by old sense and i thank you very much for your time thank you. jane.
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the headlines on our t.v. the red cross calls for allowing us to evacuate the wounded in syria bring in medicine with must go out in its voice for a daily ceasefire. human rights groups find the u.s. kept sending afghan detainees to prisons where evidence of torture had been discovered as part of such transfers last july and the claims of new abuse have already surfaced. and u.k. construction workers did justice they find all the police help plan them on mentally. blacklists because they campaigned for safer jobs. and i do those are the headlines from my desk and i would say your sporting desk it seems that the stars
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in your world are getting paid more and more and more what with quarterback peyton manning set to land a twenty million dollar a year contract as to how much is enough with with these guys lobbing a ball up and down a grassy field goal to be diplomatic whatever the market value is i suppose that's what they'll say front of the player to pay them they're going to take it but he's on the verge of joining the broncos for that princely sum although four color nessie has a fatter wallet than him according to a new city of a i've worn that moment plus all the goals from last night's. hello there you're watching the sport here in r.t. and these are the headlines the army man marjon t. is scarping spartak two one to win big in moscow garvey and close the gap on legally design a. class the nama down to clear day to square their series in the cage show
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playoffs while scar needs just one more way to make the last four. and rapid recovery tiger woods returns to action just to wake up to his achilles injury. but first is the moscow have cut the gap on league leaders and eight six points the army men beat city rivals spot acting one last night for their first win and half a dozen games or an opening for tea iscar late in the first half his shot going in off the post before stating to bike. however the hosts needed a little time to pull themselves back level unlocked just to avoid the offside trap before unleashing a thunderbolt just after the restart shortly after this break strike by the league's top scorer down by the winner and he showed his strength to finish off across them. this was done by twenty six of the season. so let's have a quick look at the table to show you what we're talking about this guy now six
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points behind in eight after that win and are holding on to the final champions league spot at the moment but a mighty five four points behind them and it is their number and spot but it is very close. elsewhere and here demanding the fan who threw a banana at midfield chris sambo is identified and punished the incident happened during their one of the feted lokomotiv moscow with the weekend the russian football union has called the incident outrageous and is launched its own investigation of the mighty said it will publish the results of this inquiry on its club's website. opening and bolted midfielder for research is showing further signs of improvement after suffering a cardiac arrest hazy he's intensive care the london chest hospital since collapsing during the f.a. cup tie with tottenham on saturday but doctors now say the twenty three year old is breathing without the use of a ventilator and also recognises members of his family and responds to questions appropriately however his condition does remain serious he more well wishes
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continued to lay flowers of bolton's reebok stadium and support has been appreciated appreciated by club captain kevin davies. for sports bringing. you know. a firm believer in positive thinking and a. strong no pitch. present from an unwilling for producer to pull through. you know we're all hopeful and it's going to help you know the stronger and all that kind of support grow hopeful that we can post. in true public stuff before it gets. well bolton were due to play against aston villa tonight the backing has been for spurs one of the game is taking place to take on sunderland six points clear of the drop zone with a win. but it's no secret top flight footballers are well paid but the sport does
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have a new highest in legal mess in the past a lone star forty three million dollars a year which comes from his commercial contract another seeing him leapfrog last year's highest in a david beckham according to the magazine front the l.a. galaxy now national rakes in over forty million dollars a year the bulk of that coming from his advertising deals while reanimate which christianity now that is the third richest boxing thirty eight million dollars. let's turn to ice hockey skates playoffs and skaar are just a win away from their from the semifinals after thrashing atlanta five one on the road scott have now put seventy plans in four games and sit on a comfortable three one late in their best of seven contests while it is square to wall in the series between the. moscow side getting a vital twenty win yesterday and watching it for the down yes. this was no less than a must win game for the number moscow who had been to one down in their best of
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seven series against playing on home ice moving you know group the blue knights who are the opener but. it was the business of first level on the ball play got up to get to one with these blocker of scoring a break from a hockey textbook. trading goal scoring chances although it was definitely. legs not rocks man under heavy pressure with feet leaving them just in the lose of chance to survive in the serious running naked there was no panic although we obviously cannot afford losing this game i want to give credit to our coaches they have the complete trust of the guy they just come to us down and encouraged us in the second intermission and we came out stronger for the final period strong enough to come from behind just four minutes into the third period yoko cleverish sprinted the to our left of the rink to note the equalizer to all.
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and just three minutes from time constantin very close out the winner fine when put in with their better once again having to do one of the hardest not to crack the elite. don't have any big stars in the roster and that's what makes them even harder to play against the always give their all on the ice they're very hard to beat and always fight to the very end such schools could be even tougher than dream teams like sky or recovering car. to all the serious with the next question set to take place in news not good at this once they are a bit further in their own party more skilled. than the action continues the seething mess in the post and on guard hoping to square the series after losing the last two. champions at bars or in a similar situation and i tracked trying this series one. stay with ice hockey
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because it looks like the cage shells most prolific player alexander pool of well after all the going back to the n.h.l. that is according to his agent the star forward top scorer sal about trying to five goals to make a shelf regular season but the reigning champion stumbled at the first hurdle in the ongoing pile offs leaving twenty five year old free to rejoin his former side the national credit is due to sign for sell it out in two thousand and eight wiping a rift between the world's two biggest ice hockey league's the. because quantrill causing a major rag back then. tiger woods has roared back into action after hurting his achilles just a week ago he's competing at the two day tavistock cup in florida and showed no ill effects after pulling out of the cadillac championship eight days ago would scored a nine and a pass sixty three better ball in partnership with justin rose and is representing alba knee in one of the four clubs in the competition after woodward said he'd done the right thing by not playing for a week after feeling pain in his achilles and hopes to be ready for the masters in
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two weeks' time also one of the hottest towns in the n.f.l. looks set to join the denver broncos quarterback peyton manning is on the verge of signing a five year deal worth ninety five million dollars manning missed the whole of the last season because of multiple neck surgery and was released by the indianapolis colts after fourteen years so they would not have to pay him a twenty eight million dollars bonus to tennessee titans and the san francisco forty nine is were also in the hunt for the four time m.v.p. of the n.f.l. dot com website says manning who turns thirty six on saturday will join the broncos depending vinyl contract negotiations. limping chief sebastian coe is played down fears the cost of the london games this summer could exceed its budget the chairman of the london organizing committee is in brazil assessing its facilities for the twenty sixteen olympics but took time out to stress the cost of this summer's games are not spiralling out of control the
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british government had warned high security costs could make it difficult to stay within the fourteen billion dollar budget because he insists there is still more money in the pot. the operating budget of the organizing committee which is the stated simply raise private sector the sponsorship revenues the ticket sales that he's was set in two thousand and five remains. remains that it is balanced and we will deliver. and the the other party which of course is the infrastructural budget. remain we remain inside that budget still a healthy contingency left. and finally a hundred year old woman will be part of a torch relay around britain ahead of this summer's games diana gould will be one of the eight thousand torchbearers ball twelve year olds on an account from
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birmingham what we do youngest to carry the flag will take seventy days to complete and it is hoped almost everyone will have the chance to see it if they want. to try incredibly hard to get as close as a many people as possible to be with ten dollars or ninety five percent correlation it's been a huge achievement it's been a two year concentration process with all the local authorities local but laura's residence associations and the like to try and make sure we get the roof right for each part of you know i just came in so i think we've been very successful about everybody who wants to go and celebrate that's or scott have a chance to think about it so that's the sport for the moment but i think. well. it's technology innovation all the developments from
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around russia we've got the future covered.
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